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Fraud Risk Management

Fraud and financial misconduct are an undeniable reality of the modern globalised business landscape. The average U.S. organisation incurs an estimated 5 per cent loss to its annual revenue due to frauds. As a result, businesses are increasingly interested in fraud risk assessment and management to help protect the bottom line. Furthermore, regulators are increasingly demanding more active, global management of fraud risk.

In the wake of high-profile corporate scandals, and new stringent laws and regulations, business executives are increasingly pushing for organisation-wide policies, programs, and controls to address fraud and misconduct.

By leveraging our knowledge and in-house expertise of the fraud risk facing today’s enterprises, we can assist our clients with identifying the business areas prone or vulnerable to fraud and misconduct. We can also help clients assess and prioritize their fraud risks and attach meaningful anti-fraud actions to help mitigate risks and enable effective and consistent fraud prevention.

What is a fraud investigation?

Fraud investigation, basically, refers to the process of examining whether the scam or fraud has taken place and collecting evidence to save the interest of the victims involved.

For a better understanding of fraud investigation, let us understand what fraud is. Fraud can be defined as misinterpretation or misappropriation of things with an intent to deceive people. For example, if certain companies make some claims about features of their product and the product does not work in a similar way, then it is a fraud with its consumers. Fraud can make people lose their money, causes injury, or it can even lead to their death. Fraud investigation can be both internal and external to find the real culprit behind the act of fraud.

Some common types of frauds that usually occur in a company!

  • Insurance Fraud : Insurance fraud is one of the most common types of fraud that usually occur in any country with a robust insurance system. Both People making false insurance claims to the insurance company and insurance company being reluctant to honour the genuine insurance claim is counted under insurance fraud.
  • Corporate Fraud :Corporate fraud is an elaborate term that includes many things. It involves a breach of data security, theft of information from the company, theft or compromise of customer’s information from the company’s database or any other kind of damage in the reputation of the company.
  • Financial Fraud : Financial fraud again involves a plethora of activities such as evasion of tax, corruption, fraud in the health care sector, fraud through telemarketing and terrorist funding.
  • Identity Theft : We are live in a world where many people are in danger of identity theft. It is another most common crime taking place across the globe. Identity theft includes things like applying for faulty loans or credit card applications, unauthorised withdrawal from bank accounts, fraudulent use of calling cards, using the identity of another person to receive added benefits, etc.
  • Internet Fraud : Another common type of fraud in the 21st century is internet fraud. Two to three decades ago, nobody had heard about this type of fraud, but now it has become one of the most common types of fraud. In this type of fraud, a person tries to take advantage of other people via the internet. It can either be theft of identity, theft of personal information, theft of financial information or any other thing that which can make the victim lose their money or reputation in the society.
  • Corporate Slip and Fall Fraud : This fraud can be understood as purposely throwing water on the floor purposely to ensure a slip over it. Corporates intentionally plan a downfall of their store in order to make huge insurance claims for their company.
  • Theft of Inventory : Another common type of fraud usually taking place in stores is inventory theft. It is a type of fraud where employees steal products from the store, claim them to be expired and take them home or order more products than the store needs.

Fraud Investigation 

Fraud in organisations is nothing new. Robbery and criminal activities in the business are as old as the business itself. But with the advancement in technology, there are even more chances of corruption. With the increase in fraud, your organisation is exposed to considerable legal risk & loss of billions of dollars. Therefore, it is necessary to take action & protect your business. Need not worry; we are here with the fraud investigation services to supervise everything from corporate investigations to ongoing due diligence.

Corporate Investigation 

We, at Netrika, follow a very unique and novel approach & methodology in examining the fraud, detecting its trail, and, ultimately identifying the red flags from where the fraud originated. Our highly competent team of professional investigators are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to get results for our clients. Our corporate investigation team examines both internal and external risk factors while conducting an investigation. We look for all impacts of the work environment & then provide customised solutions, continuity between strategy and activity.

The Corporate Sector And Fraud Investigations!

At present, instances of fraud within the corporate sector are on the rise. It is an ever-growing serious issue that causes a lot of concern and poses massive problems. In many cases, corporate fraud can go on for years, totally unnoticed. On a large scale where the numbers involved are quite greater, it makes the task of fraudsters easier, being capable of covering up their tracks with tax evasion, money laundering and also cooking up financial reports. In instances like these, you will need to hire a fraud investigator to set the records straight. Know More 

Benefits of hiring Netrika for corporate investigations

  • At Netrika, we incorporate a unique blend of expertise that handles our operations, intellect, and training to settle your most challenging internal and external issues. To address our client’s requirements, we take an efficient approach & provide high-quality corporate investigation services.
  • Our team of professional corporate investigators has very specialised backgrounds & they know that evidence assortment is more than just gathering facts & it takes an authenticated paper trail to endorse your results both legally and ethically.
  • Our corporate investigation services provide you with a conceptual approach to prevent crime within the corporate & to investigate a comprehensive picture of the company to avoid costly mistakes for our clients.
  • We aim to provide reliable & specialised fraud investigation services at the most affordable cost across the globe to tone down business risks that are harmful for your organisation.
  • We endlessly make every effort to help you by providing a consistently high level of fraud investigation services & we examine all the issues in a completely confidential manner.

Rescue your business before fraud ends it. To obtain more information about our Fraud investigation services, you can contact us through calls, texts & email.​


 Our services can help risk and fraud risk assessment teams:

  • Determine, assess, and successfully mitigate key fraud risks
  • Identify and prioritise areas of risk
  • Devise and establish an appropriate anti-fraud management plan

Netrika firmly believes that, by assisting the entities in developing & establishing significant Fraud Risk Management Frameworks it can help mitigating most fraud risks and thefts.

Our key services include:

  • Fraud and fraud risk assessment 
  • Designing of fraud risk assessment frameworks based on global best practices and international standards
  • Our Corporate Investigations practice helps organisations /businesses, in the matters of corporate fraud allegations including kickbacks or financial mismanagement, and provide solutions which are comprehensive and practical for fraud risk management
  • Compliance assessments related to fraud risk management and prevention
  • Fraud risk management workshops and fraud prevention customised training for corporate executives.

How Do We Work to Assess Fraud Risk?

It is essential to identify the vulnerabilities to protect your entity or your organisation from all types of fraud. Our team of experts follows a sturdy fraud risk assessment protocol that includes the following methods:

      1. Fraud Risks Assessment and Identification 

Netrika follows a protocol that its team of experts develops meticulously. They include the steps for fraud risk assessment regarding operations, transactions, and the respective organisations' overall business model, policies and processes adopted.

      2. Estimation of Fraud Risk Level 

Risk quantification is essential; thus, Netrika uses the impact matrix to quantify the risk levels in High, Medium and Low categorys connected to the respective organisations' risk exposures and map the control gaps to provide independent insights to the management.

      3. Fraud Risk Mitigation

After identifying the fraud risks, we suggest the topmost fraud risk mitigation strategies based on the industry best practices and international standards. 

      4. Review and Surveillance of Fraud Risks

Netrika focuses on developing sustainable processes to combat Fraud Risk in the future through its extremely collaborative models and projects that promote the transfer of skills and knowledge to the organisation's team members. 



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Profile the suspect

  • Desktop and database searches
  • Corporate and social media searches
  • Internal and external inquiries
  • Site visits


Understand control gaps

  • Detailed review of process
  • Data mining and analysis

Investigate the findings of process review

  • Internal and external inquiries
  • Review & additional records such as cc. footage, security records etc.
  • Computer forensic undercover operation, surveillance

Interview the suspect and witnesses

  • Preparation of questions
  • Interview
  • Testimony of witness and confession Of roadster

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