Know your customer (KYC)


An individual got a call from a person claiming to be from a top-notch telecommunication company. The scammer asked the individual to submit the documents and complete the KYC, or else the company will deactivate the registered mobile number. Scammer etched the feeling of fear into the individual’s mind by showing an urgency to update the KYC, or else the company will block the number in less than 24 hours.

Out of the fear of losing the number and in a state of panic, the individual shared all the documents and completed the KYC procedure with an OTP submission, as guided by the fraudster.

After a few minutes of sharing the OTP with the scammer, the individual received a message from the bank. ‘Ac XXXXXXXX debited with Rs. 500000’.

After spending a few days under stress, the individual contacted our cybersecurity team to get to the root of this scam, find the culprit, and get the individual’s money.

Tasks performed

Our team began with understanding the case and guiding through the investigation and reporting to bank as well as authorities. Further handhold the investigation by getting in touch with the correct cyber cell jurisdiction. The expert team transferred the complaint to the appropriate cyber cell jurisdiction following under the individual’s area. The process, which could have gone for months, was closed in a few days through our expert team.

With the support of the cyber cell, our expert team was able to track down the fraudster’s bank details, the transaction, contact number legally. The process, which could have taken months, was resolved in less than 10 days.  According to the local police, these fraudsters are primarily from the Jharkhand or Bihar.


The investigation established that the fraudster misused the name of that top-notch telecommunication company to etch fear in the individual’s mind. The study revealed the fraudster transferred Rs. 5 Lakhs from the individual’s account.


With diligent investigation, Netrika was able to find out the details of the fraudster in less than 10 days. Our cybersecurity experts were able to help track down the fraudster’s location and bank account through with the help of the cyber cell unit of Police. The fraudster handed over the transferred amount to the individual after being traced.

FIR was lodged and the fraudster got arrested who compensated the entire amount to the individual.

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