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Background Check For Employment

Who do companies need background check?

With reports from 133 countries revealing 2,110 occupational frauds and total losses of more than $3.6 billion, the necessity for thorough background checks is evident. Essential for safeguarding businesses, these checks verify qualifications, assess trustworthiness, and mitigate risks, crucial in a competitive landscape to foster security and prevent financial losses.

A background check can verify someone's work history, experience, and education; uncover resume lies or omissions; and reveal a criminal history. Conducting employment background checks helps you make smarter hiring decisions, but it's important your background check process is consistent, legal, and fair.

What is background screening?

A background screening is the process of using third-parties (usually professional background screening providers) to properly vet candidates for career opportunities. Sources may include public records, law enforcement, credit bureaus and previous employers.

Difference between basic check and advanced check

A basic background check typically involves verifying fundamental details such as education, employment, and criminal history and information check. It's a standard process for employment screening.

On the other hand, an advanced background check, conducted by Netrika, goes beyond, encompassing biometric checks, drug testing, legitimacy verification of companies, identity authentication, media searches, and form 16 verification. This comprehensive approach ensures a more in-depth analysis of an individual's background, covering a wider spectrum of factors for enhanced accuracy and security.

Risk of not conducting BGC

  • Studies show that bad hires cost up to 5 times their annual salary.
  • 53 per cent of all job applications contain some or other inaccurate information.
  • Drug and Alcohol Abusers are involved in approximately 20-25 per cent of workplace accidents,
  • A Study of 2,410 cases of Occupational fraud reported a total loss of more than S6.3 billion and the median loss from a single case of occupational fraud was $150,000.


How Netrika can help?

Netrika excels in thorough background checks across the globe, meticulously verifying academic and employment records, criminal history, and addresses for precise and reliable information. The process involves documentation collection, thorough verification through various channels, reference checks, and adherence to legal and ethical standards. The candidate's consent is typically obtained before initiating the background check, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. The compiled information is then presented in a comprehensive report for the employer.

Basic checks provided by Netrika:

Service Icons
Education Check
Service Icons
Employment History
Service Icons
Civil/Criminal Record
Service Icons
Address Verification
Service Icons
Reference Check
Service Icons
Misleading/Incorrect/False Information Provided in the Resume
What we offer
  • Data with integrity.
  • Our methodologies reflect a strict adherence to industry-recognized standards. Moreover, we deliver one of the highest education and employment verification rates in the industry.
  • We design products and services that adapt proactively to current and future screening needs.
  • Compliance-driven Strategies Risk mitigation is a crucial component for successful recruitment when developing the brand.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: To help customers make decisions even faster, we deliver real-time results as they are available, accelerate communications between third parties, and can leverage candidate-provided documentation where appropriate.
  • Global Reach: With today’s globalised workforce, your background check company must be able to procure candidate background information from around the world.

Background verification services involve checking the credentials and background of potential employees, including their identity, employment background, address, CIBIL score, academic record, professional, specialised qualification, criminal record verification etc. 

An employment background check typically includes the candidate's work history, educational qualifications, driving record, medical history, and criminal record. These days, verifying candidates' social media has also become an authoritative source of screening.

Post-employment verification: It is a periodic review process to maintain appropriate employee standards. These checks are necessary to rule out any possibility of misconduct or unlawful behavior of existing employees.

Background verification or BGV is synonymous with employee verification. It is the process of ascertaining the identity and credentials of an individual for the purpose of hiring, loan giving, tenancy, marriage, etc.

Post employment verification does the work of quantifying the risk levels associated with any particular individual so that the company can tackle those risks in the most effective manner. Regular credit checks and criminal history checks should be mandated.

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