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Sanjay Kaushik
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Director-Cyber Security

Sanjay Kaushik
Rahul Khattar

Associate Director - Cyber Security

What is Information Security and why do companies need it?

Information security management has now become very essential, as, with every new application, newer vulnerabilities crop up, posing immense challenges to those who are mandated to protect the IT assets.

Netrika is CERT-In empanelled for providing an IT security audit


Is Your Corporate Cyber Prepared?

Netrika gauged the increasing threat of cybercrime and conducted a detailed survey to understand awareness about cyber-crime and information security across the industries

Key Findings

  • Majority of survey respondents have more than 25 people in IT teams but still, it is noteworthy that 62 % of participating companies have been vulnerable to an information security breach and suffered a cyber-attack in the form of ransomware, phishing or malware attack.

  • The survey identified that most of the organization face challenges: to find qualified cybersecurity professional/ vendors (27%), IT department loaded with other operational tasks (18%) and other challenges such as lack of funds (14%), senior management buying (11%) and emerging technologies (9%).

  • The survey captures the need for conducting self-examination or an IT internal audit to review the technology and processes to be prepared for any crisis situation. It also puts an emphasis on conducting a mock drill exercise to put ourselves in an imaginary crisis situation just to examine our response to handle the crisis.

  • The survey results demonstrated that 30% of the participant organizations do not have evidence of any systematic process with respect to Information security which is an area of concern.

Our Services

  • IT Security Audit (ISO 27001, ISO 20000) Process & Technology
  • IT Internal Audit
  • Process and Technology Audit
  • Pre- Certification Assistance and certification advisory services
  • Cyber Security Implementation
  • Cyber Security Products/Solution Selection
  • Cyber Security product/Solution effectiveness review
  • Cyber Security Solution Implementation
  • SOC transformation


Information Security Management

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Network Security
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Security Products
  • Wi-Fi Network Security
  • Hardening of IT Infrastructure
  • Mobile, Smartphone Android, IOS etc

ISMS/BCMS Implementation & Certification Web / Mobile Application Security GDPR Project Management And Compliance Vendor Risk Management Information Security Awareness & Training

Cyber Security Framework, Strategy And Program Transformation BCP Policy, Process And Plan Along With Test Reports Gap Assessment And Risk Assessment Cyber Threat Assessment

Why Netrika?

  • Get Secure
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  • Elevate Your Security Posture
  • Drive Intelligence

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