Anti- Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customers (KYC)

Identifying layering of risk in the fight against money laundering

In future, anti-money laundering & identity verification will be possible everywhere in the globe in milliseconds, and fraud prevention is the catalyst to attain this success for both large and small businesses. Host of offerings by Netrika

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Anti- Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customers (KYC)


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Anti- Money Laundering and Know Your Customers 

Banks and FIs alike need AML and Know Your Customer (KYC) programs that adopt a risk-focused strategy to keep up with constantly changing regulations. This includes an active screening of customers and transactions through potent processes and reporting procedures. They require a comprehensive and integrated AML-KYC lifecycle management that provides an accurate and total view of risks and vulnerabilities.

Netrika’s AML-KYC services bring deep domain expertise and industry-led capabilities to provide an integrated Anti-Money Laundering lifecycle management to your business. Our comprehensive offerings in Anti-Money Laundering and KYC, supported by data analytics solutions, deliver insights that ensure efficient and economic AML-KYC operations and positive customer experiences across the globe.


Controls of Anti-Money Laundering

       1. Know Your Customers

The ‘Know Your Customers’ policies have been launched to prevent money laundering. These policies are engaged in tracking the clients’ activities besides monitoring various transactions. The suspicious activities need to be reported, and the proper record must be maintained at all times in all such cases.  

In this context, our subject experts help organisations in review KYC policies & procedures, do deep diving, and find out the critical information necessary for implementing KYC policies and processes effectively.

         2. Criminalisation

For Anti-Money Laundering, various governmental agencies and financial entities pose controls. The government has announced the guidelines to prosecute those individuals who are involved in all such crimes. 

Here, our investigation experts help companies through novel techniques to investigate and present the findings with evidence to support organisations in taking litigation action against the people involved in such unlawful activities.

      3. Management and Logging of Records

It is essential to keep the detailed records of all activities, including transactions, and the implement systems to detect illegal actions. 

Proper characterisation of data of any entity is a crucial tool to manage the suspicious acts. 

Many companies appoint us for support in reviewing of transactions & records from an independent third-party forensic eye. 

       4. Innovative Technology & On-Ground Market Intelligence

Various innovative software and technology tools have been evolved to detect suspicious activities connected to money laundering, which allows the system to become more aware of thefts and invalid transactions. However, no system is fail-proof, as they work on GIGO (Garbage In-Garbage Out) concepts. Hence, on-ground market intelligence information is critical for validating the data before putting same in systems to make the processes robust.

Our CAMS-certified Anti-Money Laundering professionals, Chartered Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners have strong and deep knowledge of the AML landscape across verticals and extensive experience in managing work of varying diversity in this domain. Our KYC screening services encompass:

  • Complete range of Customer Identification Program (CIP)
  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP)
  • Specially Designated National (SDN)
  • Negative News (NN)
  • Adverse Media checks to support Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) monitoring.

We also fully support investigations around the history of fraudulent transactions and money laundering accords. Our comprehensive list of services for Anti-Money Laundering and KYC include:

  • Review of Policies
  • File Testing
  • Sanction Screening
  • Branch Visits and Market Intelligence Gathering through database searches and Field Visits
  • Review of CTRs
  • Review of STRs Reporting Mechanism to FIU As Per Master Circular Requirement Issued By RBI Regularly

Our most efficient team support organisations in keeping an eye on the Anti-Money Laundering landscape and provide critical market intelligence information for reducing AML risks significantly.

Why is it Important for All of Us?

In this crucial era, when theft and fraud are frequent, it has become essential for banks, insurance companies and various other Non-banking financial institutions - NBFCs to have detailed information of their customers. It can minimize the risk of bribery, corruption, fraud, money laundering, funding for the terrorists, and/or various other unlawful and criminal activities. 

It is helpful in:

Increasing Reliability

It increases trustworthiness in case of the diligent clients ensuring high order credibility.

Elimination of Risk

It will help you know your clients and their genuine interests in your ICO.

Legal Funding

Amalgamated with the AML services, KYC would offer a transparent system in which transparency of transactions can be checked at any time, ensuring legalised trade. 

Regulative Compliance 

In an attempt to reduce the risks and frauds, it enables meeting the strict regulations. Netrika boasts a tremendous record of success in offering Anti-Money Laundering and KYC compliance services to our most esteemed clients. Our profound global team and policies permit us to command KYC procedures quite effectively.

We aim to focus on the areas prone to Money Laundering's risk and identify if present controls are enough to address the AML risks efficiently. 

What we offer
  • Data with integrity.
  • Our methodologies reflect a strict adherence to industry-recognized standards. Moreover, we deliver one of the highest educations and employment verification rates in the industry.
  • We design products and services that adapt proactively to current and future needs for screening.
  • Compliance-driven Strategies Risk mitigation is a crucial component for successful recruitment when developing the brand.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: To help customers make decisions even faster, we deliver real-time results as they are available, accelerate communications between third parties, and can leverage candidate-provided documentation where appropriate.
  • Global Reach: With today’s globalized workforce, it’s essential that your background check company be able to procure candidate background information from around the world.
  • 100 Years of cumulative Experience You Can Rely On.
  • Member of PBSA- Professional Background Screening Association.

The anti-money laundering services assist leading financial institutions in preventing and combating a wide range of money laundering and sanctions-related risks. It helps clients enhance their capacity to satisfy regulatory requirements and set up reliable management frameworks.

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Anti-money laundering includes a host of services such as Know Your Customer (KYC), criminalisation, management & logging of records, innovative technology & on-ground market intelligence.

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Anti-money laundering solutions prevent and mitigate a variety of money laundering and sanctions-related risks by establishing dependable compliance programmes to help them better meet regulatory requirements.

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KYC and AML are commonly mixed and used interchangeably. Know Your Customer (KYC) refers to the process of verifying a customer’s identity, whereas AML laws attempt to limit money laundering and terrorism funding. KYC is a part of the more general phrase AML.

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Anti-money laundering helps increase the reliability of your business by eliminating risk factors and identifying legal funding and transparent transaction through its sub-services, thus enabling legalised trade.

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