Asset Tracing

Project Background

The client partnered with Netrika Consulting for conducting inquiries on one of its distributors and identifying the assets owned by the key stakeholders of the target distributor company.


The scope involves assisting the client in carrying out investigation and gather vital information on the following aspects to the legally permissible extent. 

  • Identifying the encumbered and non-encumbered assets owned by the company’s Promoter.
  • Identifying the encumbered and non-encumbered assets owned by the Promoter’s family members.
  • Performing a thorough credit-check on the Promoter and its family members.

Procedures Performed

  • Desktop monitoring
  • Subscribed database searches
  • Field/ Market intelligence
  • Discreet enquiries

Key Findings

Investigations performed by Netrika Consulting professionals revealed several crucial facts.

  • Inquiries revealed that several unencumbered assets exist in the name of the company's key stakeholders.
  • Despite claiming bankruptcy, the company's Promoters are found to live a lavish lifestyle.
  • Company owners are reported to have established a new Company and have transferred or diverted their assets in the name of the newly formed entity. 

Learnings from the Project

  • Despite having several unencumbered assets, company Promoters claimed for going bankrupt. It’s crucial to investigate unencumbered assets during the tracing investigation phase as it can attach by the statutory body or Court. 
  • The lavish life of the Promoters shows that they have the capability to pay depts (in-full or partial) taken from the financial institutions. Lifestyle mapping is undeniably a crucial aspect that must not be overlooked as it helps to understand the expenditure of the subject.
  • In the majority of cases, businessmen use shell companies for diverting their assets; therefore, it's critical to perform the ultimate ownership search investigation of the company. It helps to monitor assets while finding out if the subject owns the company.

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