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Background Verification Services 

Before making a recruiting decision, a background check is deemed an essential pre-employment screening phase to safeguard the organization against various potential threats. It is a comprehensive review of the commercial records, financial records and, most significantly, criminal records of an individual or any other entity. Companies assume most of the time that the applicants tell the truth about their resumes. The applicants are mostly truthful but there are few cases in which the facts can be withheld from you.

Why Netrika For Background Verification Services?

 Our approach is flexible, our enterprise-wide customers can deploy a unified program across their global organization, while smaller employers can verify the multinational backgrounds of local candidates. Our team is proactively focusing on improving the processes to make them more efficient and successful, saving time and resources and delivering the best results without compromising on quality performance. Our proactive and dynamic professional community extends excellent servicing experience and believes in customer satisfaction at its core. By selecting Netrika, you can be assured that anytime, anywhere, we get it right.

What We Offer

  • Data with integrity
  • Our methodologies reflect a strict adherence to industry-recognized standards. Moreover, we deliver one of the highest educations and employment verification rates in the industry
  • We design products and services that adapt proactively to current and future needs for screening
  • Compliance-driven Strategies Risk mitigation is a crucial component for successful recruitment when developing the brand
  • Fast Turnaround Times: To help customers make decisions even faster, we deliver real-time results as they are available, accelerate communications between third parties, and can leverage candidate-provided documentation where appropriate
  • Global Reach: With today’s globalized workforce, it’s essential that your background check company be able to procure candidate background information from around the world
  • 100 Years of cumulative Experience You Can Rely On
  • Member of PBSA-National associations of professional background screeners

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