Challenging verification for employee background


While verifying the antecedents of an employee, we received a mail from the company confirming his credentials. The employee’s former company was registered with the MCA but we decided to carry out a physical verification of the premises of the company.


When we conducted a visit to the address of the Bangalore-based company, it was not found there! The floor where the company mentioned its address had an empty office. The boards of the building also did not show the name of the company. Inquiries around the building confirmed that there had been no such company operating out of there.

When confronted with the negative report, the potential employee asked the company for a fresh verification. Another company was hired to carry out the job and came back with a positive note. It had a picture of pictures of the company, printed on an A4 sheet and pasted on the directory board as well as outside the company. It also had a stamped verification form from the HR department from someone who met the HR manager.

The case was referred to us again for verification. A second check of the location confirmed the earlier findings. It was found that a group of people had come over and claimed they had rented the office. They put their names outside and at the directory board. Later in the day they moved out, claiming they were cancelling the lease since they were not happy with the location.

The pictures of the same place, now, had no name of the company. These photographs of the location were handed over to the company.


Based on confirmed reports, the company was now better informed about the background of the potential hire. The good quality input from us helped us win the trust, helping us transition from the vendor to a trusted partner.

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