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Netrika Team

Company Overview

Netrika: The word derived from Netra, eyes in Sanskrit. “The symbol of vision and acute observations” Netrika or an all-powerful eye empowers us to connect with the world and see it on a larger scale with a global vision. An eye for a better understanding of business, understanding risk and with the help of intelligence find solutions which secure our business, thus empowering us with protection.

Like the businesses we work with, we are multidisciplinary. Our team comprises former police and army officials, chartered accountants, MBAs, forensic experts, and experts from the consulting industry. Different team members have their varied experience in supporting companies in gathering intelligence, investigations and security management. Members of our multi-disciplinary team work together to handle complex threats to businesses.

Netrika has been consistantly evolving with the help of our client's support and their trust bestowed in us. Some of the industries we cover are financial, energy, business services, consumer products

Vision & Mission


Achieving Excellence with a Global Vision.


In our endeavour to satisfy our clients’ stated as well as unstated needs, Netrika adapts the most feasible and legally viable approach to execute assignments in a seamless, cost-effective and time-bound manner. High integrity and confidentiality in dealing with clients are deeply inculcated in the team.

Our USPs

100+ years of collective experience

Premium Management Consultancy

Result-based culture

360 degree risk consulting solutions

Command over the Industry

Our Values



We value our clients who count on us to find a solution for their business problems. We take pride in our work and aspire to be the best. We are transparent in our communication which helps us share information and knowledge. We do not leave out any opportunity that helps us learn and evolve in order to better our service.



One of our core principles is “Integrity Above All”. Every time we work on a business problem, we strive to build trusting relationships with open, honest, and respectful behaviour. Our work ethics drive us to fulfil our promises and commitments, and they also hold us responsible for all our actions.



Our endeavour is to add value to our clients in every way possible. Innovation, learning, and agility help us achieve excellence. Our efficiency is what allows us to meet all our commitments.

A Century's worth of
collective experience.

Our unparalleled experience helps us to deliver world class solution for our clients.


projects delivered


awards & accolades




satisfied customers

Ethics & Compliance At Netrika

  • Well defined business code of conduct
  • ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED
  • ISO 27001: 2013 CERTIFIED
  • Stringent ethical standards including FCPA. Anti-Bribery UK Act,
    Indian Prevention of Corruption Act.
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are signed by all employees
  • Employees are briefed on conflict of interest
  • Policy on discrimination & harassment
  • Dedicated to a drug-free workplace
  • 100% government statute compliant

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