Security Audits

Fix every vulnerability before it hurts your organisational security posture

We have the tools to find the areas of your company where there are vulnerabilities and security holes. In order to create a successful security programme, we assist in addressing the problems that are causing non-compliance.

Our Mitigating Controls:

  Review contract security provider’s operation protocols

  Review security-related policies

  Assist the organisation with existing security systems

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Security Audits


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Sanjay Kaushik

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Sanjay Kaushik
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Sanjay Kaushik
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Director - Security & Risk Consulting

Security Audits

Security measures are ineffective if they are not properly enforced. Netrika’s Security Audit service assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented. Our audits will show you precisely where gaps and vulnerabilities might exist in your current security systems and procedures.

With our global presence, we have the resources to not only uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist in your systems, but also what issues are driving that noncompliance. We can further help you establish a balanced and effective security risk management program that you can be comfortable and confident with. This exercise can be especially beneficial for standardizing policies and procedures.

Our comprehensive process of security audits includes the following crucial steps:

  • As-is-analysis Evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of your current system.
  • Gaps Identification Identification of critical gaps in your existing security setup comprising people, process, technology, and infrastructure.
  • Mitigation We recommend security measures to close the identified gaps.

Netrika’s security audits can also play an important role in internal investigations when anomalies are suspected. Additionally, you can also use the discoveries to strengthen your internal controls to mitigate future problems. Our security and safety audits cover a wide range of industry. We provide customised safety & security audits for schools, hotels, manufacturing plants, banks etc.

What we offer
  • Data with integrity.
  • Our methodologies reflect a strict adherence to industry-recognized standards. Moreover, we deliver one of the highest educations and employment verification rates in the industry.
  • We design products and services that adapt proactively to current and future needs for screening.
  • Compliance-driven Strategies Risk mitigation is a crucial component for successful recruitment when developing the brand.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: To help customers make decisions even faster, we deliver real-time results as they are available, accelerate communications between third parties, and can leverage candidate-provided documentation where appropriate.
  • Global Reach: With today’s globalized workforce, it’s essential that your background check company be able to procure candidate background information from around the world.
  • 100 Years of cumulative Experience You Can Rely On.
  • Member of PBSA- Professional Background Screening Association.

A security audit is a thorough assessment of the security posture of an organisation. It ascertains whether security regulations are being followed and pinpoints the opportunities for improvement.

Security audits reveal weak points in current defences, areas where employee training can be enhanced, and enable them to develop new security regulations. Additionally, it offers adequate visibility into all divisions of your business.

Security audits can be classified into internal audits run by team members, second-party audits run by your organization on its supplier, and third-party or external audits of your company run by third-party.

While crisis management deals with managing a crisis from its start through recovery, business continuity keeps business operations running while facing and overcoming challenges brought on by a crisis.

A security audit assesses the physical components of your data, software, applications, and network vulnerabilities, including data evaluation and the human dimension of security which includes how employees deal with sensitive data.

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