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Sanjay Kaushik
Sanjay Kaushik

Managing Director


Sanjay Kaushik
Col Sanganagouda Dhawalgi

Executive Director-FI


Sanjay Kaushik
Gaurav Jain

Associate Director - Forensic Investigations and Risk Management


About Mystery shopping

Each company wants to be known for a high level of service, and many businesses also invest substantial time and money training staff to provide excellent customer care and support. Nevertheless, this does not ensure that all staff will provide the degree of helpfulness and support they have been employed to provide. A mystery shopping service will show just what kind of service customers are having even if there is no staff monitoring. Mystery Shopping is a procedure where an individual visits a retail store, cafe, bank branch or any such place to evaluate customer experience value. 

We have a team of trained shoppers who disguise as actual customers and share specific, actionable insights to us in real-time, which are audited and finally shared with clients for internal reviews and corrective measures.

What Our Trained Shoppers Evaluate

Product quality
Process conformity
Operations management
Employee interactions

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