Geetika Wahi Deputy Associate Director – Business Development

Expert in : Business Development

Experience : Nearly 20 years

Email : geetika.wahi@netrika.com

Phone : 1800 121 300000

Geetika Wahi is a seasoned professional renowned for her expertise in Risk Consulting, Due Diligence, Investigations, and Security Solutions. With close to two decades of corporate experience, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership in business development, fostering high-performance teams, and achieving organizational objectives through strategic planning and entrepreneurial acumen.

 In her current role, Geetika spearheads the business development efforts of Netrika, driving overall performance by formulating and executing growth strategies across both existing and new territories in India.

 As an integral member of Team Netrika, Geetika brings a wealth of experience in cultivating client relationships and leading business development initiatives. Her approach is characterized by an unwavering commitment to understanding client needs deeply and delivering tailored solutions of the highest caliber.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Geetika serves as the Chapter Secretary of the ASIS Delhi Chapter 207, where she focuses on leadership development and enhancing awareness of career opportunities within the security domain.

Geetika holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and an MBA in Sales & Marketing from a prestigious university. Throughout her career, she has undertaken and successfully delivered on numerous high-profile projects, including WHO ORS and Goli Ke Hamjoli under the auspices of USAID.

Prior to her tenure at Netrika Consulting India Pvt Ltd, Geetika held key positions at Moser Baer, ABT Associates (a USAID-funded organization), and Securitas India. Her dedication to her profession is matched only by her zest for life, as evidenced by her passion for riding motorcycles during her leisure time

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Forensic Interview Solutions
Global E2C
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
ASIS International
International Trademark Association
Institue of Directors
Award 2024
Award 2023
India IP award 2022
India IP award 2021
Entreprenuer of the Year Award 2020
Business Protection Award 2019
Cobra Award 2019
Business Sphere Award 2018
Fraud Investigator of the Year Award
Award for Outstanding Contribution in Risk Management
Security Project Design of the Year