Derick Ding Member Advisory Board, Singapore

Experience : 6 years

Email : singapore@netrika.com

Phone : +91-124-488-3000

Derick Ding is the Member Advisory Board, Singapore at Netrika, a global leader in risk mitigation and integrity management services.

Armed with a BBA from the University of Canberra, Derick has a prolific career spanning over 17 years. An expert in the field of security and crime prevention, Derick is a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist from CIISCM and an International Crime Prevention Specialist with certification from the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners.

Throughout the course of his extensive career, Derick has been associated with notable organisations working towards enhanced security in leadership positions. He has served as the Secretariat, Training Coordinator, and Director at the companies such as the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners, Association of Company Emergency Response Singapore, Asian Professional Security Association Singapore, and the Transported Asset Protection Association Asia Pacific.

Derick also holds certifications in Supply Chain Security, Loss Prevention and Operations, Corporate Security Management, and Corporate Security Management. Currently, aside from his role at Netrika, Derick is the Director at the Academy of Security, Intelligence and Risk Studies.

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