Aayush Kaushik Digital Forensics Expert

Expert in : Digital Forensics Expert

Experience : 2 Years

Email : aayush@netrika.com

Phone : 1800 121 300000

Aayush is pursuing his BBA -LLB from  Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies (GGSIPU- GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPRASHTA UNIVERSITY) . He also holds several esteemed certifications, including- Successful Negotiation Essential Strategies and Skills (University of Michigan), Introduction to English Common Law (University of London), and Self-directed Emotional Learning for Empathy and Kindness (UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development). He has been actively participating in webinars for gaining knowledge in IPR and Digital forensics.

He brings extensive expertise in Digital Evidence Investigation for money trails in several raids. With his remarkable skills in digital forensics, he and his team played a critical role in solving cases for big businesses, Maharashtra police, and Delhi police. He also worked efficiently in the retrieval of Digital evidence in exposing a racket involving fraudulent mark sheets and certifications.

A Tech buff who likes to keep himself updated on tech in the industry, he is a sportsperson who enjoys badminton, cricket. He is passionate about gathering cyber intelligence & digital forensics. As an explorer, he enjoys experimenting with new equipment and software that can aid in data extraction and analysis.

At Netrika, he leverages his expertise to provide clients with appropriate response protection, retrieving and analysing digital information via audio & mobile forensic, disk imaging, email analysis, CCTV analysis to aid investigations linked to data theft. He also helps clients identify trends and actors that may impact their systems and assess potential exposure post-incident.

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