Product Counterfeiting


The empty bottles of original products (Deodorants & Shampoos) of a renowned manufacturing company were purchased by the targets from the scrap dealer and further refilled with fake substances to resell it in the market at a nominal price.

Tasks Performed

The team of Netrika initiated its investigation as soon as it received information about the counterfeiters indulged in such acts. The samples at the households were observed discreetly to determine its authenticity. After a thorough investigation, the leads in this area were confirmed to be manufacturing counterfeits of the company’s products.


Leads manufacturing counterfeits of this company’s products were found by the team of Netrika in the Dharavi area of Mumbai. This largest and densest slum in Asia is known for having the highest number of criminals which throughout the process of investigation acted as a major challenge.


A successful enforcement action was taken against the counterfeiters after receiving an order from the court. An arrest was made after lodging of the FIR. Additionally, the news of the enforcement action was covered by some of the prominent newspapers to spread awareness amongst people.