Counterfeit Product Reporting Becomes Easy

Counterfeit Product Reporting becomes Easy! Did you receive a fake product? Report Fake is one such mobile application that allows you to report these fake products immediately. Fake products have an enormous market of their own and are now seeping deep into the mainstream market as well. It is this market that takes a toll on the actual brand by absorbing the revenue value and tarnishing the overall reputation. This market besides being illegal also affects the government revenues by way of avoidance of taxes and leads to the creation of black money. Therefore, a counterfeit is considered not only a harm to oneself, but the economy of the country as a whole. This app, Report Fake, is designed by Netrika Consulting to fight against the fakes. The customer here is given the power to report the fake products conveniently through this app. The application gives out salient features, allowing the customer to not only mention the brand details, but also upload pictures of the fake product, the location from where he brought it, and the reason to why it appears fake to him. The segregation of the market into different sectors in the app further makes it easier for the customer to select the category his product falls into. After reporting the matter to us, a customer is assigned a tracking number which even permits him to check the status of his case at any time on this app. Netrika Consulting assures that appropriate enforcement actions are taken, post-approval from the client, against the suspect, and to stop the activity.

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