Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning

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Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning

The traditional methodologies of managing and mitigating risks are no longer enough. In today’s ever-changing and complex business landscape, protecting people, products, and profits, that shape organizations, requires creativity in crisis management and detailed business continuity planning. The Crisis Management & Business Continuity experts at Netrika provide innovative solutions needed not just to survive in the time of crises, but to thrive.

We identify potential risks and crises and build comprehensive plans to mitigate them. With the identified risks, we identify triggers to launch the mitigation plans and safeguard your business operations. We specialize in training, planning, response and recovery services for a wide range of crisis events to reduce the period of disruption.


Our services include:

  • Threat & Risk assessment
  • Crises Readiness Assessment (Review)
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • During/ Post-crises Recovery Services
  • Crisis Management Plan Capacity
  • Simulation & Training Exercises

At Netrika,we help all our clients affordably resolve crisis situations that present a risk to the profitability and reputation of their business and safety of their personnel and security of their assets.

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